Why Does My Dog Eat Grass

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass
I Love This Green Stuff!
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Hi, dog lovers! I know you have probably been wondering the same thing I have. “Why Does My Dog Eat Grass” Well, I am about to answer this question for you.

I know that my little furbaby Chance loves to munch on grass when he is outside. I was worried that he must be sick because I have heard in the past they do this if they have an upset tummy.

But, I have found out this is not always the case. Turns out our pups just like to munch on the green grass (as their ancestors did) in our yards and anywhere else they can find it. As for my little guy, he has made it a part of his everyday routine.

Then after he devours the “grass”, sometimes he will throw it back up and that is gross. When he does this often times he has thick white mucus or yellow that comes up with it!😝

Come on and let’s discover why our K-9 friends indulge in such a bizarre activity.

Is My Pup Sick?

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass, Does That Mean He's Sick
Sick Puppy

No, not normally if they are only eating small bites. They eat grass as an alternative food source and it can help get rid of intestinal parasites. Crazy right? But, wild dogs will eat grass, berries, fruits, and vegetables as well.

Why do our furbabies throw up after eating grass? It could be that their tummies may be upset and the grass seems to remedy that problem. It’s thought when they eat grass and swallow it whole that it tickles their throat and tummy and this, in turn, causes them to vomit.

If they swallow big bites of grass, then this could be a sign that they may very well be sick and at this point, you would need to take them to their Veterinarian to have them checked out.

You want to make sure there is not an underlying problem causing them to eat large amounts of grass. In fact, most Veterinarians see no harm in our pooches eating grass.

Believe it or not, grass contains nutrients that a furbaby may very well need. You could try adding some cooked veggies into your pup’s diet and see if this might decrease their need for grass eating.

Remember, if your pup is ingesting large amounts of grass and swallowing it whole, this may be a sign of a more serious problem and you need to visit your Vet’s office ASAP!

What Can You do to Help Your Pooch?

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass? Try Growing Healthy Herbs For Your Dog
Growing Healthy Herbs For You And Your Dog

You can start by using Natural Herb Supplements to improve your pup’s health and well being. You could also grow your on Natural Herbs in a window box if you prefer that way both you and your K-9 friend can reap the benefits of your own home grown herbs.🐶

I will now give you a list of 8 natural herbs that can be beneficial for both you and your furbaby that you can grow yourself:

1. Aloe Vera- This wonderful plant has been used for years for burns, cuts, scrapes, to help heal wounds and even to treat and or heal stomach ulcers. Now for your pup however, it’s good for topical use to treat minor burns, scrapes, and irritated skin. FYI: Do not let your pup lick or eat the Aloe Vera or lick the Aloe Vera plants. This could be toxic to your furbaby! Do not let your pup lick the area if you apply the Aloe Vera gel topically.

2. Calendula Flowers- This beautiful flower is actually an easy-growing flower that is used to treat cuts, scrapes, and wounds. You can use it on both your furbaby and yourself. How cool is that? It has powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and anti-fungal properties. You can also apply the flower petals directly to the wound or you can boil the flower petals and make a tea using it as an antiseptic wash.

3. Dandelion- This lovely flower is so rich in vitamins and minerals to help keep your furbaby healthy if used on a regular basis. It has more Vitamin A than carrots and the root of this flower has an excellent source of insulin that will be very beneficial to your pets intestinal tract. It contains the vitamins A, C, D, E, K, and B Complex

This wonderful flower also acts as a diuretic and supports your pup’s liver and gallbladder along with anti-inflammatory properties. It helps to promote strong teeth and bones as well as supporting the cardiovascular system.

4. Ginger- Is known for helping with nausea and is well suited for both human and animal consumption. It helps with digestion, relieves gas, and causes the stomach juices to become more active to expel worms. FYI: If you have a pregnant pooch or a lactating one, it is not recommended that you give it to her because it can also thin the blood.

The ginger root can be used as a topical agent for arthritis when blended with peppermint, lemon, and lavender oils. Great little herb, huh?

5. Hemp OilThis is another great herb that also relieves pain associated with arthritis, anxiety, and inflammation. Your pet will not get high from using hemp oil. The way it is extracted it uses different components. THC is the psychoactive chemical compound that is found in marijuana that causes the high. CBD component of the drug is very low thus will not make your furbaby high. That’s why CBD Hemp Oil is legal in most countries and used for medical reasons, whereas marijuana is illegal because of the high percentage levels of THC, which is what makes you high.

6. Sage- This herb is easy to grow and you can have it all year around. This wonderful little herb is used worldwide due to its healing properties and diverse usage. It makes a  great antiseptic and has an astringent quality. Do you have problems with ulcers in your mouth? If yes, then this would be a great herb for you and your pooch. It also is great for the skin and digestive tract.

It is a wonderful herb is very effective against bacteria such as E. Coli and Salmonella and get this, it is very effective against ringworms without having to use anything else! The best way to use sage is in tea form as a rinse for mouth ulcers or as a compress by placing the leaves directly on the skin problem.

7. Thyme- Has a primary active ingredient called thymol and carvacrol that helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungus. This herb is great to use on your pup’s gums as an antiseptic to prevent gingivitis. The herb contains different flavonoids which enhances its antioxidant properties. It also contains vitamins such as K, calcium, dietary fiber, manganese, and iron.

8. Turmeric Now this little herb is perfect for sprinkling on your furbabies food and it belongs to the ginger family. It is becoming increasingly popular because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant recognition. It has also been discovered that it has the potential to fight off cancer! It protects the stomach and the liver by increasing the bile flow and production.

Oh, and it gets its cool orangy-yellow coloring from curcumin.😉 Did I mention that it helps with pain and aids in joint health?

FYI: If you would like more information on the above-mentioned herbs or would like to find out about other herb alternatives for your furbaby, check out this book.


That’s it, folks! I hope you feel better about your dog eating grass now unless they are just gulping large quantities down. If they are it would be a wise decision to consult your Veterinarian to make sure there is not any underlying medical condition.

I hope that you see how easy it would be to grow some of these awesome herbs at home not only for your furbabies benefit but for yourself as well. It’s truly amazing the wonderful health benefits that come from using these awesome herbs.

If you would like information on herbs to grow at home and what supplies you may need to grow them go <<HERE>>

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