Want to Know the Best Way to Trim Cat Claws?

Want To KnowThe Best Way To Trim Cat Claws? Read My Post
 Cat Getting Nails Cut

Hi, cat/kitten lovers! Are you tired of your cat using your furniture as a scratching post? Have you been wanting to cut your cats nails yourself but not sure how?

Want to Know the Best Way to Trim Cat Claws? Well, guess what? I am going to give you some tips on how to do this the easy way! Of course, you can take them to a groomer, but why spend the money when you can do it yourself, right?

But, before we get started let me give you a very good piece of advice. The best thing you can do is start your furbaby off with nail trimmings when they are young. If kitty is older don’t you fret none cause I got your back! 🐱‍

What I will be discussing today:

  1. First things first
  2. Handling kitties paws BEFORE the cut
  3. Kitty meets clippers
  4. By yourself
  5. Using human nail clippers

First Things First

Want to Know the Best Way to Trim Cat Claws? Check Out These Nail Clippers!
    Pet Nail Clippers

First of all, you will need to purchase nail clippers made for cats. Cat nail clippers are really relatively inexpensive, so there’s no need to spend a fortune on them.

You want to look for a good quality pair of pet/cat nail clippers that gets the job done without causing your little bundle of fur any pain. Cutting your animals nails yourself can save a lot of money, time and is cost-effective.

The next thing you will want to purchase is a jar of dry powder just in case you accidentally cut your furbabies nails to the quick. The powder will clot the blood quickly and dries up the moisture fast.

Now before you clip your kitties nails, I want you to inspect your cat’s nails first. You do this by gently squeezing the top and bottom of one toe at a time to extend the nail and you need to do this under a bright light.

You are looking for the “quick” or the pink tissue located in the middle of the kitties nail. You will cut below this pink tissue as to avoid cutting the nail to the quick. If you do, your furbabies nail will bleed, just like when we cut our nails too short, if this happens that’s when you will need the styptic dry powder that I mentioned above.

You really want to start off cutting a small amount of nail, in the beginning, to avoid cutting it to close and causing pain and making it bleed.

You want this to be a pleasant experience for your kitty, not a painful one!

Before you cut your furbabies nails, check out the next important section first!!

Handling Kitties Paws BEFORE the Cut

I’m sure that you already know being a cat mom or dad, cats normally do not like for their paws to be touched. So what you need to do before you attempt to cut your cats nails is get them use to you handling their paws.

Want To Know The Best Way To Trim Cat Claws? Offer Snacks When He Does Good
  Kitty Cat Snacks

Of course, the best thing to have done is started your kitten out handling their paws at a younger age, but if you have an older furbaby not to worry because this is what you are going to do, get a thick towel/blanket and put it in your lap and very gently hold kitty there and talk and pet your cat while you are slowly moving down their legs to their feet and nails.

Now if your cat is staying in your lap and staying calm, this is where lot’s of positive reinforcement and snacks come into play. If your cat bolts, don’t get on to them just try again later or the next day.

The main thing to remember is this process may take several days, weeks or even months to accomplish, but be patient with your cat and be positive so that you will gain their trust. Don’t worry, you will achieve the nail trimming in the long run😸

Want to Know the Best Way to Trim Cat Claws? Keep on reading for more valuable information!


Kitty Meets the Clippers 4 Easy Steps

Want to Know the Best Way to Trim Cat Claws? Look At This Picture First!
How To Correctly Cut Cats Nails
  1. Have all your supplies ready to cut kitties nails and don’t forget the snacks as an award after the nail cutting! Sit in a comfortable chair with your thick towel/ blanket in your lap. Make sure the room is well lit and your cat is comfy. 
  2. Now take hold of your cat’s paw and gently squeeze one toe at a time to extend the nail.
  3. Once you have a good view of your cat’s claw and you can see the pink tissue in the middle of the nail, position the clippers below the pink tissue as not to cut into the quick. If you do cut into the quick, just use the above-mentioned styptic dry powder.
  4. Now cut the claw at a 45-degree verticle angle (as shown in the picture to your right). This will ensure that it will lessen the pressure on your cat’s claw/paw.

Now repeat this process on each one of your furbabies claws. If they become excited or anxious, no worries! It may take several tries to get them all cut and you can simply wait until the next day to give it another shot.

Make sure that you offer a snack and praise after each claw that kitty lets you do successfully. This will help to earn your cat’s trust.

Be consistent with cutting your cat’s nails!

By Yourself

Now if you are cutting your cat’s nails by yourself and your cat becomes too anxious or aggressive, just stop the processive because it is not worth your furbaby or you getting hurt!

Taking your furbaby to a grooming shop is not a reflection of you being a bad pet parent, it’s actually showing that you care about your pet’s well-being as well as your own.

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Using Human Nail Clippers

Want To Know The Best Way To Trim Cat Claws? You Can Use Human Nail Clippers
 Human Nail Clippers

You can actually use human clippers on your cat if you don’t have cat clippers, but you have to make sure that the clippers are very sharp. I have tried using human clippers on my Frenchie and did not like it at all! I felt that I had to use to much pressure to get them to cut.

I feel that the human nail clippers do not cut them as well as pet nail clippers. My husband and I have started taking our furbaby to a groomer for his nail cuttings due to both of us having arthritis in our hands.




There you have it information on “Want to Know the Best Way to Trim Cat Claws?”  It’s my pleasure to give you valuable information on topics I feel that are of interest to my readers and it is my hope that you found this topic interesting and informative.

So, before you start the process of cutting your furbabies nails remember to purchase:

1.Purchase Cat Nail Clippers

2.Styptic Dry Powder

3. Kitty Snacks

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