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Puppy Potty Training Apartments-Say What? Now, Let's Talk Potty Training

Hello, all of my K-9 loving friends! Could this be a new revolution to potty training our pups?

Today I am going to check out these “Puppy Potty Training Apartments.” Say what?

I have never heard of these until a few days ago and it got me to thinking, “Do these things really work?”

If they do that would be totally awesome! I wish they would have been around 10 years ago when I got my sweet little furbaby.

It was quite a task potty training my little 4 legged boy, but he really seemed to pick up on what to do pretty quickly.

Did you know that’s the number one reason why most pups are taken to animal shelters is because of the potty training issues?

This is so sad to me really because, with a little patience, love, and praise, these little guys can and will learn to go potty outside.

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So, now I’m about to investigate and find out for you and me if this new training product really works. Have you ever heard of these before?

Well, if not we are going to check this out together! Ready, set, here we go!

Puppy Apartment’s

Puppy Potty Training Apartments-Say What? Be In The Know

Puppy Apartments, Who Knew?

It seems that these Puppy apartments are receiving rave reviews to help with the challenge of potty training your puppy.

But my question is do they really work and do they work for all sizes of puppies? This product is made in such a way that it is supposed to make the process of potty training your pup much easier.

So, let’s see how this “new” product works, ok?

What Is This Puppy Potty Training Apartment?

Puppy Potty Training Apartment. Puppy Potty Training Apartments-Say What?

Puppy Potty Training Apartment

Firstly, these crates are set-up to have 2 rooms, one to potty in (bathroom) and the other room is the bedroom (for sleep time).

This idea should work really well because puppies instinctively no not to potty where they eat and sleep.

The puppy apartment has several entryways for ease of getting in and out to sleep or potty.

The Advantages of Using a Puppy Apartment

Here are some great things about using puppy apartments:

  • When your pup is inside and the doors are closed, they are set up to do what they instinctively know to do: poop/pee as far away from their sleeping/eating area as possible. Most puppies will not soil the areas where they eat and sleep unless they have been left in their crate all day and really don’t have a choice.
  • This product makes it much easier for the pup owners to potty train they’re fur- baby, however, there are those times when it is just not possible for the pup to go outside to relieve themselves. The puppy apartment will also alleviate the hassle of you having to get up in the middle of the night to let them outside.
  • With the puppy apartment, it will eliminate the need to withhold water from your pup because you will not have to get up in the middle of the night to let them outside to potty.
Puppy Potty Training Apartments-Say What? Your Pup Can Still Have Accidents During The Training Process

Sorry Mom, I Forgot!

FYI: Make sure you give your pup enough time to learn how to use their new apartment and remember to go there to potty. Your pup may forget and have an accident once you let them out. Give them time and they will learn.





Some Disadvantages I Have Found

Heres some disadvantages of using Puppy Training Apartments:

  • I have seen videos of these puppy apartments where the pup has a run of a room or house and repeatedly returns to their puppy apartment to potty. Looks too easy, right? Guess what? It is!!
  • You should never assume that potty training your pup is going to be “that” easy because it’s not. Your pup will still have accidents no matter the potty training you decide to use!
  • Although this potty training apartment looks really promising, it could potentially set your furbaby up for failure. What do I mean by this? Glad you asked! When you let your little furball out, they no longer have a guideline or a choice where to potty. So, guess what? They can virtually potty anywhere they choose without worrying about soiling their sleeping area or feeding area.
  • As a dog owner myself, I know once they soil an area, if not cleaned up promptly with the right products the smell can linger. If this happens the pup may potty there again.

So, in my opinion, the apartment training method really does not potty train your pup except when they are in their apartment.

Why Does Apartment Potty Training Fail?

Puppy Potty Training Apartments-Say What? Do The Really Work?

Sweet Babies

Here’s why:

  1. A pup under 12 weeks of age cannot hold their pee or poop to make it back to their apartment. So, by the time they realize they have to potty, it’s too late!
  2. The puppy may smell their potty area, but then don’t want to go in because they associate the area with being closed inside while you are gone.
  3. Accidents happen because the puppy could not remember their way back to the apartment. If you live in a big house or apartment the little furbaby may have problems getting back to their apartment to use the bathroom. A good idea would be to leave a snack in their apartment or use puppy pads with a scent to attract them to the potty area.
  4. If you get a puppy when they are 8 weeks old, it may take some time for them to learn to potty in the apartment. You will need to have patience, give praises with lots of love and a treat for using their bathroom apartment every time they use it.
  5. Remember, puppies that are less than 12 weeks old need time to learn how to control their bladders and how to hold their poop until they make it to their apartment bathroom.

FYI: Larger breed puppies will usually start getting control of their bladders and bowels much faster than smaller breeds. Larger breeds around 12 weeks of age and smaller breeds around 16 weeks of age.

Can I Turn My Crate Into a Puppy Apartment?

Well, yes, but there are some problems with doing this. Let’s see what they are:

  • First of all, you would need a way to divide the crate into 2 sections, sleeping space and bathroom space and a way for the pup to access them both easily. The original puppy apartments have at least 3 openings for them to get in. One on the bedside and 2 openings for the potty section. Also, there is a divider section between the bed area and the potty area, so the pup as easy access to the potty area when enclosed in their apartment.
  • If you have a regular crate with only one door, this is going to cause a problem. Your fur baby will only have one entryway and will most likely have an accident before they make it all the way into the potty area. Thus making the Puppy Potty Training Apartments the most logical choice.

What sizes do these Puppy Potty Training Apartments come in? Anywhere from an Xsmall to an XXlarge. Anything over 140 pounds, you would have to contact the company directly.

Donna’s Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it, folks, my information on  “Puppy Potty Training Apartments-Say What?” 

I feel that this product could work for most puppies, however, it does have some drawbacks to it.

I personally would try it if I ever get a new puppy. I believe that it would work if the pup does not have to be left in the apartment to long.

For people who are at home “most” of the time, I think it would be a wonderful way to potty train your furbaby and I truly believe it would work.

You will just have to weigh the pros/cons and see if it would be worth your time and effort to use this product.

If you have to leave the puppy in the apartment for an extended period of time, it may hinder the potty training process, because the pup will more than likely see this as being “Locked” up again should they go in the apartment to potty.

Now if you have someone that could come by and let your puppy out to play and get some exercise then this would probably work out just great for you and your furbaby.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to read my post. Should you have any questions or concerns you may reach out to me at   donna@hotdogharnessesandleashes.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours or the next business day.

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Also, before you go I would love to get your thoughts on this product. Would you use one of these to potty train your pup, Do you own one of these, or would you rather take your furbaby outside? Leave your comments at the end of this post.😉🐶

See ya again real soon,


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