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Donna Kennedy, Owner/Author

July Newsletter-Why Dogs Don't Like Fireworks

Fun For Us, Scares Our Pups!


Hello, my dog-loving friends! It’s coming up on that time of the year again…July 4th. Have you ever wondered  Why Dogs Don’t Like Fireworks?

Even though us humans love the beautiful flashing lights of fireworks and all of the loud kaboom’s, whistling sounds, and other loud noises that go along with this festive holiday, dog’s do not like all of this noise and action.

It really just freaks our fur babies out! Did you know that more pets run away during the 4th of July than any other holiday of the year?

So, you really need to keep your pet away from all of the loud noises and flashing lights.

Oh, it would be a really good idea if you had your furbaby microchipped along with identification tags just in case they were to run away and get lost.

Let’s explore some of the reasons our pooches get all bent out of shape during these activities.

I am going to give you:

  • Four reasons why dog’s don’t like fireworks
  • How to keep your furbaby safe-6 safety tips
  • Natural remedies to keep your pooch calm

 Four Reasons Why Dog’s Don’t Like Fireworks

July Newsletter-Why Dogs Don't Like Fireworks They Are Scary

Fireworks Freak Me Out!

  1. Your Dog Feels Trapped-When your furbaby hears all of those loud kabooms and whistling sounds, it is their natural response to want to run away from the sounds. It hurts their ears and they don’t understand what’s going on. But, unfortunately, they have nowhere to run too indoors, because they can still hear them and see the flashing lights. Then they start barking and growling and most often times shaking.
  2. Your Pooch Feels Threatened-Our fur babies do not perceive the fireworks the way that we do, they see them as threatening, loud, and just unpredictable. This in turn trigger’s your pups fight or flight mode. Since they have no way to run away they will usually become very restless and start pacing, panting, barking and shaking.
  3. The Fireworks are Loud-This hurts our fur babies’ ears because they have a more keen sense of hearing that we do. Those loud noises unnerve them and send them running to escape all of these sounds they don’t understand.
  4. Fireworks are Unpredictable to Dogs-They have absolutely no idea or clue as to why they are hearing all of these crazy loud noises and seeing the flashes of light or when they might go off again. So, they are threatened, frightened, and scared out of their wits!

FYI: The fireworks set off your pet’s nervous system causing them to become anxious and fearful thus, in turn, causing them to run away. This is their survival instincts kicking in.

How to Keep Your Furbaby Safe-6 Safety Tips

July Newsletter-Why Dogs Don't Like Fireworks They Are To Loud

Keep Us Safe!

Our little furbabies see the world much differently than we do. They use their senses, nose, ears, and eyes.

So, the 4th of July can be overwhelming to them. For them, it is a very scary experience.

All of the loud noises, flashes of light, and the burning smell really scares them. Now let’s take a look at the 5 Safety Tips to make July the 4th a more enjoyable holiday for both you and your pooch.

  1. Making arrangements for your dog-Make sure you have a safe haven for your furbaby before the fireworks start. You can leave them with family or friends, board them at a kennel (that they are familiar with), or perhaps a doggie daycare. Note: If your pet is not familiar with the place you plan on leaving them, take them there several times before you decide to leave them to keep them from being stressed out.
  2. Make accommodations for your pooch-If you have to leave your dog at home and they cannot escape the sound of fireworks, then put them in a room in their travel kennel so they will feel safer. Or have a friend and or relative to come and sit with them and take them out to potty every 4-5 hours.
  3. Condition your pup to the sounds of fireworks-Now you can condition (or desensitize) your dog to the sounds of fireworks, but this will take some time to do. On average about 3-4 months. You do this by playing recorded fireworks sounds at an increased volume for your pooch before they eat, walk, and before playtime.
  4. Communicate calmness to your furbaby-Your dog looks at you as the pack leader, therefore if you show no signs of excitement around your dog, they will start to learn the fireworks noise is really not a big deal and nothing for them to worry about.  Dogs work off of energy instead of words like we humans do. Now it would be a great idea to take your dog for a walk to work off some of that energy and tire them so they will be in a calm state.
  5. Close windows, doors, and curtains-By doing this, it will shut out some of the noise and you should also cut on your TV and turn the volume up some to help drown out the fireworks noise. Also, don’t cuddle your pup because this will only make them more nervous.
  6. Treats-You can also offer treats/snacks as another way to distract them from the fireworks.

Calming Meds./Thundershirt

July Newsletter-Why Dogs Don't Like Fireworks Because Of The Burning Smells

Adatil For A Calm Dog

Now if your pooch is really frightened of fireworks you can use Adaptil Diffuser and you should do this 3-4 day before the festivities start.

Another natural herbal remedy would be calming treats for your dog. The herbal remedy would need to be started a week before the fireworks start.

Another alternative would be the thundershirt, you would need to do this before the anxiety kicks in or it will not work.

The thundershirt is made to help calm/slow down their breathing, but if they are already in a heightened state of panic, then the shirt is useless.

FYI: Make sure you have your furbaby in a calm state before you introduce any of these tools to make their life and yours more comfortable.

Donna’s Final Thoughts

I hope you all have enjoyed my July Newsletter-Why Dogs Don’t Like Fireworks. 

Now you should have a better understanding as to why our fur babies don’t really care to participate in our July 4th festivities.

They really do see it as a threat and don’t enjoy it at all because it stresses them out too much.

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Have a Happy and Safe 4th of July,


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