How to Properly Clean Your Cat’s Eyes

How To Properly Clean Your Cat's Eyes
Beautiful Clear Blue Eyes!
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Hi, my feline loving friends! Today I am going to be discussing “How to Properly Clean Your Cat’s Eyes.” Cats eyes are usually very clear and bright looking, but if you notice them rubbing their eyes with their paws or rubbing them on the carpet, chances are something is amiss.

It could be something as simple as a cold or it could be something more serious causing your furbabies eye discharge. So, I am also going to look at:

  • How to properly clean your cat’s eyes
  • How to tell if your furbaby has an eye infection (cat/kittens)
  • Get to know your cat’s eyes
  • Possible eye diseases in cats causing the eye infection
  • When to seek Veterinarian advice

Now as you probably already know, animals just like humans get a residue in the corner’s of their eyes just like we do, which I refer to as “eye buggers.” Lol!😹

This needs to be cleaned away just like ours do. You can do this by using a soft clean cloth or cotton ball with lukewarm water. I like to use baby washcloths because they are super soft and clean very well and they are inexpensive if you purchase them at Walmart.

Without further ado let’s get to it, shall we?

FYI: Never use an OTC (over the counter) eye products made for humans unless prescribed by your Veterinarian!

How to Properly Clean Your Cat’s Eyes

How To Properly Clean Your Cat's Eyes Using A Piece Of Gauze
Hey, Thanks, Mom!

1. Supplies Needed

  • Clean water
  • Non-herbal tea bag if you wish
  • Clean soft cloth (baby washcloths)
  • Or cotton balls

To clean your furbabies eye’s, you will want to use clean water, I like to use lukewarm water when cleaning my pets eyes, he seems to enjoy the warmth and it seems to help loosen the residue more easily. You may wish to use a non-herbal tea bag as long as it’s a clean fresh one and cooled down to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celcius.

2. Calming Environment

Please make sure that you have your cat/kitten in a calm environment without any distractions. Cats are skittish by nature and any loud noises or sudden movements will scare them which could cause them to hurt themselves or scratch you pretty darn good!

I would highly recommend that you have someone to help you that your furbaby knows and trust so as to keep you both safe and out of harm’s way. I would also recommend that you work with the cat on a flat surface. You can pet and cuddle the kitty whilst you are cleaning out their eyes to make them feel comfy and above all loved.

3. Cleaning Your Cat’s Eyes

Before you start cleaning your furbabies eyes, make sure you wring out the washcloth (you don’t want it soaking wet) and if you are using a non-herbal tea bag, you want it wet to the touch not dripping!

Be mindful of how warm the washcloth is and the tea bag! Remember 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Celcius so as not to damage your kitty’s eyes!

Make sure you wipe from the corner of the kitty’s eye towards the nose, so as not to get anything into the rest of the eye. You want to do this with even movements with just a little pressure applied to loosen the “eye buggers” or debris.

How to Tell if Your Furbaby Has an Eye Infection (cat/kittens)

How to Properly Clean Your Cat's Eyes To Prevent Eye Infections
White Kitty With An Eye Infection

It is very important that you can identify if your cat has an eye infection or not since they are prone to have bacterial and viral eye infections. Should you discover that your feline friend has an eye infection it is imperative that you seek medical attention for them.

I am going to share with you the symptoms to look for and if your kitty is showing any of these signs, PLEASE call your pet’s Veterinarian ASAP!!

  • Clear, green or yellow discharge coming from the eyes
  • Nasal discharge, sneezing or any signs of respiratory distress
  • Rubbing their eyes on the carpet, furniture, or rubbing with paw
  • The third eyelid that is inflamed and covering part to the infected eye
  • Continually winking
  • Eyes are red

Eye infections among our feline friends are highly contagious, so, cats that are around other cats that have an eye infection are susceptible to contracting an infection themselves.

If you have a young kitten, just know that their immune systems are weak and they stand a better chance of becoming infected if around another cat that has an infection.

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Get to Know Your Cat’s Eyes

How to Properly Clean Your Cat's Eyes-Let Your Vet Do It
Cat Getting Their Eyes Checked By a Vet.

1. Make sure that you are familiar with the way your cat’s eyes look, like the color of their eyes and pay close attention to the 3rd eyelid. Cat’s eyes are usually very bright and wide-eyed. So, if your kitty’s eyes look the least bit funny, then you will be aware that something is amiss.

2.  By you familiarizing yourself with the way your furbabies eyes normally look this will help if you notice any redness, drainage, and or the kitty rubbing their eyes or squinting at you. Should you notice something that doesn’t look right, go ahead and make your cat an appointment with the Veterinarian to get them checked out ASAP.

3. Please don’t try to diagnose your kitties eye problem! It could be anything from conjunctivitis, viral infection, bacterial infection, or trauma. When it comes to conjunctivitis in cats, it is one of the most common eye infections due to a chronic illness known as the feline herpes virus. If they have this it is usually a chronic disease and has to be treated many times over, possibly years.

Other more serious eye diseases could be Cancer or dry eye, which older cats typically get.

4.  Should your feline friend require oral medications or if they require eye drops or topical ointments, your Veterinarian will teach you how to administer the medications.

Do you understand the need for knowing How to Properly Clean Your Cat’s Eyes?

Possible Eye Diseases in Cats Causing the Eye Infection

How to Properly Clean Your Cat's Eyes So They Want Get Ulcers!
Kitty With Ulcerated Eyes
  • Eye trauma
  • Cancer
  • Feline Leukemia
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Feline Upper Respiratory Infections
  • Epiphora or watery tearing eyes
  • Pink eye or Conjunctivitis
  • Corneal disorders
  • Dry eye

That picture is just one case of a kitty with ulcerated eyes! I found some much worse than this one, where the eye was actually bulging way out and it looked horrible!!😭 Broke my heart!!

When to Seek Veterinarian Advice

How to Properly Clean Your Cat's Eyes-Get Advice From Your Pet's Vet
Vet Clinic-Next Please!

I think with the eye diseases that I shared with you above would be enough to convince you that if you are not sure then you should definitely seek your Veterinarian’s advice!

So, before you try and diagnose your furbabies eye problem it would be best to consult with your Veterinarian first to make sure of what you and your kitty are dealing with.

If your cat’s eye discharge does not clear up within 24 hours, it would be a good idea to take your furbaby to the Veterinarian to make sure none of the above scenarios are going on.

A cat’s eye infection can quickly turn into something far more worse if not dealt with in a timely manner. So, don’t put it off seeking your Vets advice when it comes to your kitties beautiful bright eyes.


My Final Thought’s

Shew wee, now that was a lot to go over huh? Now that you have this informative and valuable information, I truly hope that you understand How to Properly Clean Your Cat’s Eyes.

I also hope that you have a better understanding of when to seek medical advice and medical attention from your furbabies Veterinarian. Please remember never use an OTC (over the counter) eye products made for humans unless prescribed by your Veterinarian!

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