Help! My Dogs Ears Smell Sour!8 min read

Help! My Dogs Ears Smell Sour! This Could Be A Sign Of An Ear Infection

“My Ears Hurt!”


Donna Kennedy, Owner/Author

Hi everyone! Have you ever wondered why your dog’s ears smell sour? Well, I am going to help you out with this today and try my best to answer this question for you.

I will be giving you advice on how to handle your pooch’s smelly ears and what you should do after you clean them and they still stink. Believe me when I say I know that stench!😝

But, just so you know, this is a very common problem among our furbabies. As owners of our pet’s we often want a quick inexpensive fix to our furbabies ear problem.

If you see discharge coming from your pet’s ears this could be a sign of an ear infection and please don’t let this go on, because if it is an infection it can be very painful for them.

So, this is what I am going to be discussing with you  today:

  1. What causes ear infections and Signs and symptoms
  2. Preventing ear infections
  3. How to properly clean ear wax out of your pooch’s ears
  4. When to seek Veterinarian advice
  5. How to apply your pet’s ear medication

Are you ready to get started? Let’s go! Enjoy!🐶

1. What causes ear infections/Signs and Symptoms

Help! My Dogs Ears Smell Sour! Your Pup Might Have Ear Mites Or An Infection

Ear Mites/Ear Infection

If you notice ear discharge and your pooch is scratching at their ears, shaking their head, and the ears are sore to the touch it is most likely an ear infection.

They will also shake their heads and typically will tilt their heads to one side. You can check their ears for inflammation to see if they are red and smelly.

Does your pet suffer from chronically damp/wet ears? If so, this could be another culprit to your furbabies ear problems.

Here are some common problems with your furbabies ear infections:

  • Ear Mites- Are a big problem for dogs especially puppies. They are very, very tiny but can wreak havoc on animal’s ears. One of the biggest signs that your furbaby may have these tiny little problematic parasites is a crusty, blackish-brown discharge and they will shake their heads and will scratch at their ears and rub them on the carpet.
  • Otitis Interna/Otitis Media (or inner/middle ear infection)- If this ear infection is left untreated it can become an inner or middle ear infection which is by all accounts very painful. This type of ear infection can cause your furbaby to walk in circles, have problems with balance, and they typically do not want to open their mouths. These types of ear infections may require treatment with antibiotics.
  • Otitis External (or Outer ear infection)- If your pup has a yellow, waxy, or reddish-brown ear discharge, this could be a possible ear infection. This could be caused by ear mites, polyps, overstimulation of ear wax, or getting water in their ears when you are bathing them or if they go swimming. This can cause too much moisture in the ears or wetness. This type of infection would require an immediate trip to your Veterinarian for diagnoses and treatment.

2. Preventing Ear Infections

Help My Dog's Ears Smell Sour! Use Flush To Help Keep Your Furbabies Ears Clean

Using Ear Flush Helps Keep Them Clean!

Our furbabies that have drooping ears, like Bird Dogs, Bassett Hounds, Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels, Blood Hound, Dachshund, and Poodles are the ones that are more prone to getting ear infections. But, any dog can get ear mites, or get an ear infection.

The best thing that you can do for your furry little friend is to make sure that you check their ears at least every two weeks. By doing this you can keep a check to see if their ears stink or smell sour, check for dirt or any other foreign objects like burrs.

Make sure that when you clean your pup’s ears that you use a soft cloth (I like the baby washcloths) or a cotton ball soaked in an

ear cleaning solution. FYI: Do Not insert the cotton ball all the way into the ear canal!!

If you use a soft cloth, just simply wrap it around your finger (pinky works best) and gently clean your pup’s outer ears. Also, make sure that the washcloth is just damp and not wet. This is to prevent any water from getting into the ear canal.

3. How to Properly Clean Ear Wax Out of Your Pooch’s Ears

Help! My Dogs Ears Smell Sour! Use Zymox Otic To Clear Them Up!

Zymox Otic For Smelly Ears

As a pet parent you can clean wax out of your pup’s ears by doing the following:

  • Completely fill the ear canal with cleaner prescribed by a Veterinarian until it overflows, then fold the ear flap over the canal and massage the ear gently until you hear a squishy noise.
  • Then move out of the way and let your pooch shake their head, this helps to loosen the wax in the ear canal thus bringing it to the surface so you can gently wipe away the debris.

FYI: Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT put cotton swabs down into the pet’s ear as this will just push the wax deeper into the ear canal and could potentially end up rupturing their eardrum!

Doing the above steps should drastically take care of “Help! My Dogs Ears Smell Sour!”


4. When to Seek Veterinarian Advice

Help! My Dogs Ears Smell Sour! Then Take Your Pup To The Vet!

Veterinarian Checking A Dog’s Ear’s

Checking your pet’s ears every 2 weeks is recommended to avoid any problems, to do this just gently pull your furbabies ear’s back and take a look to make sure they are clean, and the ear canal is pink.

If you see any redness, discharge, swelling, or odor, you should schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and have your pet’s ears checked out.

Irritated smelly ears, if left untreated could set your pup up for problems that can result in severe pain, hematoma’s (the ear flap fills up with blood), your pup can begin to have problems with balance, and the worst-case scenario becomes deaf.😥

Because your pet’s ear discharge can be caused by several things, you can see all types of colors, smells, and consistencies. So, rather than trying to diagnose your pet’s problem, go ahead and seek medical advice from your pet’s doctor to get the best course of treatment.

5. How to Apply Your Pet’s Ear Medication

Help! My Dogs Ears Smell! This Is How To Clean Your Pet's Ears

Cleaning A Dog’s Ears The Right Way

Here are 8 easy steps to help you apply your pup’s ear medication:

  1. Have your pooch’s ear drops close at hand
  2. Hold your dog’s head still by placing your thumb between their eyes/nose, wrap your finger’s under your pup’s jaw.
  3. Then lift your dog’s ear and clean away any wax that is easily reached with a cotton ball and ear cleaner.
  4. Now, while keeping your grip steady, place the nozzle gently at the opening of your pooch’s ear canal, angle the bottle towards their nose.
  5. Then squirt the prescribed number of drops into the ear canal.
  6. Ok, now keep holding your pup’s head while folding the ear flap over and gently massaging the base of the ear for about 30 seconds.
  7. After holding and massaging the pooch’s ear for 30 seconds, then let go of your dog’s head and let them shake their head to help loosen and remove any debris.
  8. Now it is time to take a soft washcloth or cotton ball and gently remove any earwax or drainage that comes into the ear canal you can see.

Make sure you follow your Veterinarian’s directions on how frequently to apply the prescribed medication to your furbabies ears! Depending on the nature of your pet’s ear problem, you may be required to apply the ear drops several times a day.

REMEMBER: Whatever you do, PLEASE DO NOT put cotton swabs or anything down into the pet’s ear as this will just push the wax deeper into the ear canal and could potentially end up rupturing their eardrum!

Donna’s Final Thoughts

If you will follow these guidelines that I have given you then your pup should have healthy ears for the rest of their lives. So, I hope that I have answered the question of “Help! My Dogs Ears Smell Sour!”

Here’s a quick recap, Please remember to do the following:

  • Check your pup’s ears every 2 weeks for any signs of drainage,  redness, or odor
  • Use the ear drops as prescribed by the doctor. Remember this could take several days to clear up
  • And clean your pooch’s ears regularly to help combat infections and ear mites
  • Make regular Veterinarian appointments for your furbaby to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Just like us, your pup needs regular doctor visits to keep them healthy and free of diseases so they can live a long and happy life.🐶

I hope that you found my post both interesting and educational so that you can keep your pooch’s ears clean and healthy of any infections or those pesky ear mites.

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