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Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking? Let's Find Out!

“This Is How We Communicate”


Donna Kennedy, Owner/Author

To all dog lovers, now here this…Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking?” If you are like me and have a dog that love’s to bark when the doorbell rings when he sees a car pull up when someone knocks on the door, and the list can go on and on, right? YOU really want to read my post.

As much as we love our pets, the barking can get annoying really fast, but let us see the reasons why our pets like to bark so much. As we know, barking is a natural part of our fur babies nature, but when is the barking too much?

Before I get started on the dog whistles, let’s take a look at what I am going to be covering today:

  1. What are the reasons pooches like to bark
  2. When should YOU decide it’s not OK to keep up the barking
  3. What are some steps we can take to decrease their barking
  4. Do dog whistles stop barking
  5. Here Are Some Other Alternative Devices to Control Barking

What Are The Reason’s Pooches Like To Bark

Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking? Yes, they can work!

“I’m Protecting Them From Everyone!”

Well, as we all know this is a natural occurrence of our K9 friends, but it can still be rather nerve racking when they get started!

Let’s take a look at the different reasons for their barking:

  • They use barking to communicate with one another
  • If strangers approach their home
  • If they are excited/happy
  • If they are scared
  • They will bark if they are bored
  • They will bark for attention and if they want to play
  • Separation anxiety

First of all you need to find out why your dog is barking, what type of bark it is, for example, is it high-pitched, low-pitched. Once you figure out what “type” of bark they are expressing, then you will be able to get a handle on it and have a quieter environment at home.

Even though you put a stop to the unnecessary barking that can get on one’s nerves, that doesn’t mean that your fur baby wants to let you know if someone strange is around. Your goal is to get the barking to a more manageable level that can be tolerated by all.

Now if your pooch is barking out of anxiety/stress, they will need to be handled a little differently. If they have been in this habit of barking for a good while don’t expect them to stop this nuisance barking overnight.

This will take love, patience and time on your part, but you can do this!

When Should You Decide it’s Not OK to Keep Up the Barking

Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking? Try One And Decide For Yourself!

“Whos Going To Protect Us Dad?”

If you have had enough of your fur baby barking at everything that moves, it’s time to take some action. I will give you my reasons when it’s time to put an end to the continuous barking:

  • Continues to bark even when they know the visitors
  • Every time he sees a car go by the house
  • When he sees the mailman/mail truck
  • Every time the doorbell rings
  • Whenever he sees other dogs going by
  • Whenever he sees a bird, squirrel, chipmunk
  • Just because he has nothing else better to do
  • When he hears the neighbor’s dog barking

I listed a few that I feel are really annoying to me and I’m sure other people as well, especially the neighbors.

What Are Some Steps to Decrease Their Barking

Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking? They Do Along With Other Training.

“It’s Play Time!”

Once you figure out why Fido is barking, it will be much easier to implement some training techniques and some solutions to help stop the barking or at least minimize the nuisance barking altogether. Now wouldn’t that be wonderful? Peace in the home once again:)

It’s very important to remember to keep these training techniques and solutions in mind when working with your dog:

  • Most importantly, don’t yell at your fur baby because he will just think “Hey my mom is barking along with me!”
  • Keep the training positive and upbeat with praises and his favorite treat
  • Everyone in the household must be consistent with the training you can’t let your dog bark inappropriately one minute and let him get away with it at other times as this will be confusing to him
  • Block his visual view so he can’t see people passing by or other animals
  • Give him plenty of toys to play with and keep him entertained
  • Keep some noise going to block noise from the outside. I like to use the TV or radio. A box fan works well also
  • Teach your dog the word “hush” or “quiet.” To teach one of these words, simply hide a treat in your hand and when he starts smelling of your hand and not barking, tell him to “hush” or “be quiet” then let him have the treat while he’s being quiet. Be consistent with this until all you have to say is “hush” or “be quiet.”
  • Ignore your barking fur baby. Don’t make eye contact with him and simply walk away if he’s doing this for attention
  • Let them get more exercise. If he gets enough exercise, then he will be more tired and less likely to bark at every little noise
  • Give your pup a treat if he is being quiet and not barking. An example would be if he sees someone driving up or walking up and looks at you instead of barking, go ahead and reward his good behavior

Implementing these training s and techniques will ensure that you and your fur baby will be much happier in the long run. Remember that love, patience, consistency, and praise are the keys to stopping your dog from all of that nuisance barking. Also, keeping it upbeat and fun will help your dog to learn as well.

Now let’s get to the part you have all been waiting for… Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking?

Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking

Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking? Yes! They Work!

“Yup, They Do!”

The answer to this question is…YES! Dog whistles do stop barking! I have always been told that any whistle will do, but I have come to discover in my research that it is just not true. You want a whistle that is made for your dog.

If you have a dog that doesn’t listen to commands or likes to bark at everything, then a dog whistle may be the answer to your prayers. You can train your pooch to do just about anything you want them to use a whistle.

Now let’s see which ones might work the best, shall we? You definitely want a whistle that is audible for human ears as well, or you want to be able to determine if you have the right frequency for your fur baby to hear. Let’s look at a few different types of whistles:

  • The most common dog whistle is the silent one-it uses high frequencies that are not audible to the human ear, but your K9 will hear it
  • A dual-tone whistle- uses both a ball whistle and one without a ball
  • Regular whistles- that has a ball

Dog whistles come in metal or plastic. The metal ones tend to last much longer than the plastic ones. It’s also a good idea to put the whistle on a Lanyard so you will know where it’s at and can have it with you at all times.

You can teach your pooch to sit, stay, come, and of course STOP BARKING!! The whistles are designed for you to use different frequencies while training your dog.

You will need to blow the whistle each time your dog barks at an inappropriate time that way he will know he should not be barking. But as I discussed earlier in the post, you must be consistent with the training and offer praise, patience, and love.

When he does good, give him a treat or take him for a walk and tell him that he’s a good dog:)

FYI: DO NOT blow the whistle while your fur baby is close to you as it could damage the pups hearing.

Here Are Some Other Alternative Devices to Control Barking

Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking? Yes!!!

“That Is The Question”

I am going to share with you some other devices that you might want to consider in conjunction with the dog whistle:

  • Dog Clickeris used in the training of your dog to stop barking, sit, shake, lie down, etc. You just press a button and it makes a clicking sound. This product is safe to use with positive reinforcement, portable and helps to improve behavior. Can be used with the whistle
  • Dog Silencer-are ultrasonic sound that stops dogs barking and is 100% safe for your family and your pets
  • Ultrasonic dog training a device that is hand-held-this device produces a high-pitched that only your fur baby can hear and is safe
  • Dog Bark Collar-this collar is a No Shock (does not shock your pet), uses vibrations and beeps

I have given you four devices to choose from, but there is a lot more to choose from than the list above. I picked these four to help you get started and make an informed decision as to the device(s) that you would rather have for your training purposes.

Do your due diligence and check these out and see which one or one’s best suit the needs of you and your fur baby;)




I hope that I answered the question of “Do Dog Whistles Stop Barking?” You know, even though our fur babies can be noisy at times, you gotta love them. Dogs are such loyal and loving friends.

Using a whistle is a rather inexpensive and easy way to train your dog to stop all of that annoying barking and you can use the dog clicker in conjunction with the whistle. Then you can pick the one that works best for you and your pooch.

Just make sure that you and your family are consistent with the training methods that you choose to use. Don’t let him get away with barking at inappropriate times or you will only confuse him.

As always, I appreciate you stopping by to read my post. I hope you found the information to be both educational and entertaining. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please drop me a line at and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

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