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In this post I am going to share with you when your pet may need  disabled harnesses/wheelchairs for dogs that can’t stand or walk without assistance.

But first let’s look at  the reason’s behind this…

Does Your Dog Need Assistance Standing & Walking-What Are The Causes?

There are many factors that can contribute to your fur baby not being able to stand and walk without assistance. Some of the most common causes are as follows:

  • Age-although this is not always the case, it can happen to younger dogs too.
  • Orthopedic related issues-degenerative diseases, tumors, trauma.
  • Systemic related issues-caused from congenital and inherited disorders of the nervous system-brain stem disorders, spinal cord disorders, nerve and muscle disorders, birth defects.
  • Neurological related issues-that will have to be diagnosed by your Veterinarian. Your Veterinarian does this by a series of testing.
  • Cushing Syndrome-this is the most frequent reason for your fur baby to have issues standing and walking. Caused by excessive production of cortisol.
  • Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome-is caused by inflammation in the bodies metabolic system causing toxic and metastatic neoplastic disorders of the CNS (central nervous system).

FYI: If your fur baby is experiencing any problems standing and walking, I URGE you to take him/her to see their Veterinarian ASAP as some of these diseases can be detrimental to your pet resulting in death.

What Are My Best Harness Options? My 5 Picks

Below I am going to share with you 5 different types of disabled harnesses for dogs and how they function to help your pooch to stand and walk.

1. Total Body Support HarnessTotal Body Disabled HarnessesWheelchairs For Dogs

Walkin’ Lift-n-Step Total Body Harness– provides full body support for both the front and rear end of your pooch. There by providing lifting assistance to a dog with arthritis or your aging senior. It is also a save way to lift your fur baby after he/she has had surgery. It has adjustable straps making it easy to adjust for a secure fit and quick-release buckles.

Price: $33.96-$42.46

Sizes: XS-XL

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

2. Midsection Support Sling/HarnessTry The Midsection Disabled Harnesses For Dogs

Walkin’ Dog Support & Rehabilitation Sling/Harness-this is an excellent harness for post-surgical rehab. And for dogs that have leg-weakness all over. Helps you to maneuver larger fur babies without having to lift their entire weight (which is safer for you and Fido). This harness is lined with comfy fleece that keeps it from bunching up. Fits around your dogs midsection and fastens with Velcro.

Price: $29.95-$54.95

Sizes: XS-XL

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

3. Rear End Support Harness

Rear End Dissabled Harnesses For Dogs

Walkin’Lift Combo Rear Mobility Harness- is another great product if your pooch needs a little assistance with walking. Your pet can wear this for an extended period of time and it allows the animal to urinate and defecate while wearing the harness. This aide you in helping your fur baby to get into and out of the car.


Sizes: S-XL

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

4. Front End HarnessFront End Disabled Harnesses For Dogs

Walkin’ Lift Combo Front Miliblity Harness- is made to help you lift your pet with ease. Comfortable for your fur baby to wear for extended periods of time with a comfy fleece lining. With this product you can easily help your pet into and out of cars, up and down stairs and take him/her out to potty.

Price:  $39.95-$69.95

Sizes: S-L

Where to buy: Amazon.com

5. Leash Support for RearNew And Improved Disabled Harnesses For Dogs

Walkin’ Rear Support-while this is not a harness, I wanted to share this leash with you because I felt that it may be all the support that you needed to help your pet and cheaper alternative. This leash can help with assisting your aging pooch up from a lying down position. It is also great to help injured dogs walk up and down stairs. The leg pads and leash handle are adjustable. This will allow to quickly assist your fur baby. This product is just for assisting and supporting from a lying to standing position.

FYI: Not intended to completely lift your dog’s legs off of the ground.

Price: $24.95

Size:This leash will fit dogs 20-150 pounds

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

Wheelchairs for the Pooch On the Go-My 6 Picks

In this last section I am going to share with you the 6 best wheelchair’s for your fur baby.

New Improved Durable Disabled Harnesses For Dogs

1. Walkin’ Wheels Dog Wheelchair Specs Below:This wheelchair is designed to support your fur babies back legs.

  • Made with lightweight aluminum so your dog can move about easily
  • Very sturdy frame keeps your pet stable, Fully adjustable adjustable harness for comfortable fit for ease of movement
  • You can adjust the wheelchair’s height, length and widthVeterinarian approved for dogs with little to no mobility in his/her back legs

Colors: Pink, Blue and Camouflage

Sizes:XS-2-10 lbs, SM-11-25 lbs, Med-26-49 lbs, M/L-50-69 lbs, LG-70-180 lbs

Pricing Starts at: $199-$479 (Based on the size of your pet)

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

2. Quaz 2 Wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair Specs Below:   This wheelchair is made to support your fur babies front/back legs                                                                                                                              Here's Some New And Improved Disabled Harnesses For Dogs

  • Made with lightweight durable aluminum for easy mobility and comfort
  • Easy adjustable height, length and width with a push of a button
  • Belly band to protect spine FREE of charge
  • Leash included FREE of charge

Sizes: XXS: 2.2-11 lbs, XS: 4.4-17.6 lbs, XS-LW: 8.8-26.5 lbs, S-M: 16.6-44 lbs, M: 26.4-55 lbs, L: 44-110 lbs, XL: 44-110

Pricing starts at: $82-$229 (Based on the size of your pet)

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

3. New Quaz 4 Wheels Adjustable Dog Wheelchair Specs Below: This wheelchair is designed to give your fur baby full body support.New Quaz 4 Harnesses For Disabled Dogs

  • Made of lightweight aluminum for easy mobility and comfort for you pet
  • Helps your pet to stand and walk if he/she suffers from Arthritis,Paralysis, Neurological Disorders, Injury, Orthopedic Issues, Systemic Related Issues, Hip dysplasia, Post-op surgeries
  • FREE Leash with purchase
  • FREE Belly Band to protect the spine

Colors: No specific colors noted

Sizes: XXS: 2.2-11 lbs, XS: 4.4-17.6 lbs, XS-WL: 8.8-26.5 lbs, S: 17.6-44 lbs, M: 26.4-55lbs, L: 44-110 lbs, XL: 44-110lbs

Pricing starts at$138-$229

Where to Buy: Amazon.com

4. Eachbid 2 Wheel Pet Wheelchairs for Puppies Specs Below: This wheelchair is designed for puppies, smaller and cats.

  • Made for the hind legs only, but you can raise the back leg, with the disability, this will allow the puppy to use front legs with the wheelchair’s assistanceNew 2 Times The Disabled Harnesses For Dogs
  • Made with lightweight aluminum allowing the put to move about easily
  • Adjustable harness for a comfy fit and mobility
  • Adjustable height, width and length for comfort of mobility

Color: No specific colors noted

Sizes:XXS: 2.2-5 lbs, XS: 4-10 lbs, XS-WL: 6-13 lbs, S:10-20 lbs, M: 15-25, L: 20-45 lbs


Where to Buy: Amazon.com

5. K-9 Carts/Wheelchair Specs Below: Next we have this product designed to support your fur babies mid-section.

  • Hand made in the USA out aircraft aluminumK-9 Disabled Harnesses For Dogs
  • Easy to adjust
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Front and rear harness for the comfort of your pooch

Colors: Pink and White Sizes: XS: 5-15 lbs, S: 16-25 lbs, S/M: 26-35 lbs, M:36-45 lbs, L:50-80 lbs

Price: $157-$459 (Based on the size of your pet)

 Where to Buy: Amazon.com

6. Best Friends Mobility Dog Wheelchair Specs Below: Helps support your fur babies rear end if they have Arthritis, Neurological problems like degenerative or Osteomylitis, Rear limb amputee, Ligament injuries like ACL/PCL, Thoracic or lumbar disc injury, Fractured back/spine and other conditions that may weaken the back legs.

  • Made from lightweight durable aluminum that makes going to the bathroom easier(better mobility)Best Friends Disabled Harnesses For Dogs
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Deluxe front/rear harness for your pooch’s comfort (the front harness has a easy clip-on function)
  • The cart can be used to assist your pet while walking/full rear support (non-bearing leg weight)
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the product, no questions asked

Colors: No specific colors noted Sizes: XXS: 8″-11″, XS: 9″-14″, S: 14″-17″, M: 18:-20″, L: 20″-26″, XL: 23″-29″

Price: $157-256.68 (Based on the size of your pet)

Where to Buy: Amazon.com


FYI: I Normally post a standard measuring chart, but due to the nature of these disability harnesse/wheelchairs it is best for you to look at the manufacturers sizing instructions for accurate sizing.


I hope that you all came away with a better understanding of disability harnesses/ wheelchair’s for your fur babies. And that the information I provided will help you to make and informed decision to accommodate you and your pooch.

And as always, thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read my post.

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