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Did you know that not all dogs can swim? And the ones who can are not really all that great of a swimmer! I know crazy right? Now I do know that dogs with short necks can’t swim good at all and will sink like a rock if they don’t have a life jacket on! I will cover that topic later on in my post.

Today I am going to be doing a Review on The Best Dog Life Jackets. Now that Summer has come a few weeks early, I know that people are going to be hitting the lakes and going to the beaches.

So, I wanted to introduce you to the top life jackets for your furbabies so that you can keep them safe while on the open waters or in your swimming pools at home.

Before we get to my review, let’s take a look at the top 6 dogs that are not at all good swimmers! If you have one of these little guys PLEASE pay close attention so that your little companions can be safe while having fun in the sun too!🌞

The Top 6 Dogs that Are NOT Good Swimmers (and Why)

  1. English Bulldogs-Because of their short flat snouts or brachycephalic. This causes them to have to lean their heads back making it most difficult to swim, plus their thick heavy physiques and short turned out legs make it impossible for them to stay afloat. These furbabies will definitely need a life jacket to stay afloat.
  2. French Bulldogs-Now I know for a fact these short little stocky guys will sink like a rock if they DO NOT have a life jacket! They are a shorter version of the English Bulldog. Because of their “feisty not scared of anything nature”, this could wind them up at the bottom of a pool. Their little short legs and barrel-shaped bodies keep them from floating. I have a Frenchie and he has a life jacket to keep him safe if he gets in the water!
  3. Bassett Hounds-These little guys although they don’t have short necks and smashed in faces like bulldogs, they still have short legs and a very dense body structure which makes them not good swimmers either. They also carry most of their body weight in the front of their bodies.
  4. Dachshunds-Although they have short little legs can technically swim but are not good swimmers because of those short little legs and long body.
  5. Pugs-They to have smashed in faces or brachycephalic which causes them to have to tilt their heads back to keep those little noses above water and makes it impossible for them to swim. These little ones do better staying on dry land and chasing balls!
  6. Boxer Bulldogs-Are not good swimmers either. Well, look at their body structure, even though they have long legs, they still have a short smushed in snout, like the Pug.

Now let’s get to my Review-The Best Dog Life Jackets. Enjoy!

1. Ruffwear Float Coat Dog Life Jacket-This life jacket is designed just for dogs and is great for all of your water adventures. Anything from boating to kayaking and everything in between. 


  • Made with closed cell-foam panels allow the dog to swim naturally and supports an upright position
  • Easily adjust around your pup’s neck for easy fit for different shapes
  • A strong handle on the back to help your pooch out of the water
  • Webbing compatible with water to allow for stability in wet environments
  • Reflective low light trim for added safety


  • Not made for Bulldogs-according to one customer he stated “I have 50 pound English bulldog, he’s actually on the smaller side. He doesn’t have a massive head as some have. Based on his measurements I got a medium. It fit him great, however, it did not keep him afloat. His head sank under water immediately”. Unquote.
  • Coloring does not hold up well after a few pool uses (faded)
  • Chest strap wants to loosen, but the belly strap stays secure

Colors: Sockeye Red, Wave Orange, Blue Atoll   Customer Rank:  4.8/5

2. Vivaglory New Sports Style Ripstop Dog Life Jacket-This life jacket has a New Sporty design and does not hinder your furbabies natural way of swimming while giving them a great new look!


  • Made of materials that have passed the CA65 test
  • The vest is quite durable with upgraded 600D oxford cloth
  • It may be heavy duty, but is comfortable for your pooch
  • It comes with a securely fastening system around the belly and neck to keep your pooch safe
  • Has a low light design bright reflective colors so your furbaby will never be out of your sight


  • It cost you to send the product back
  • The foam holds water and makes the life jacket heavy
  • Durable, but not quite the perfect fit
  • Not machine washable

Colors:  Pink, Yellow, Lake Blue, Camo Pink, Bright Green, Bright Orange, Bright Yellow, Camo Blue      Customer Rank: 4.7/5

3.  Outward Hound Granby Dog Life Jacket-This jacket comes with dual grab handles so that you can safely pull your pooch out of the water in case of an emergency. Now you and your furbaby can enjoy the water together!


  • Double grab handles for better control and rescue
  • Front floats around the neck to keep your pups head above water
  • Adjustable belly buckles and chest straps to keep your dog safe/secure while swimming
  • Reflective bright colors for high visibility


  • Sizing is off a little (runs small)
  • The fabric around the buckles/straps for the belly has no floatation device
  • The double handles are not reinforced and cannot hold up a large heavy dog

Colors: Dark Pink, Orange, Pink Bone, Fun Fish                   Customer Rank:  4.4/5

4. Paws Aboard Double Designer Doggy Life Jacket-With this cute stylish lightweight life jacket you can be sure that your pup will be safe and secure. This life jacket is made with flexible materials that allow for a wide range of motion and all-day comfort.


  • Rescue handle
  • D-ring for a leash clip
  • Reflective strips to easily locate your pooch
  • Floatation material to reduce fatigue
  • Adjustable straps at collar and underbelly
  • Velcro panels and buckles for a custom fit


  • Doesn’t hold up with regular use for regular lake goers
  • D-ring webbing is not made well
  • Not safe for smaller dogs (heavy when wet)
  • Runs small (according to some customers)

Colors:  Pink Polka Dot, Nautical Dog, Racing Flames, Red, Pink, Neon Yellow, Grey Camo, Blue/Yellow        Customer Rank:  4.4/5

I hope you are enjoying my post-Review-The Best Dog Life Jackets.

5. Queenmore Dog Life Jacket-This adorable life jacket is made with waterproof material of high-quality oxford cloth and polyethylene foam and breathable mesh. Adjustable soft rescue handle.


  • Advanced breathable mesh lining underbelly
  • Fast drying material for maximum comfort/warmth
  • Adjustable nylon straps, quick release buckles
  • Durable grabbing handle on top for quick rescue
  • D-ring on top for a leash
  • Bright safety colors so you can see your pet
  • Floatation devices for neck, belly, and back


  • Sizing is not accurate
  • Rescue handle not well constructed (for heavy dogs)
  • The tail doesn’t stand up
  • Not a good floatation device for dogs (according to some customers)

Colors: Grey Shark, and Pink Fish                 Customer Rank: 4.1/5

6. Multi-Purpose Dog Backpack Life Jacket-With this dog life jacket, you get a 2 for one package. Not only is it a life jacket, but it is also a backpack! Pretty cool huh? Now you can be ready for hiking, swimming, kayaking, camping, traveling, and going to the beach.


  • Water resistant backpack with a built-in life jacket
  • 2 pouches that are buckle release for storage
  • 2  pouches that float for extra buoyancy
  • 2 belly straps that are adjustable
  • 1 triangle chest strap for extra security
  • A color scheme with reflective accents so you can see your pooch
  • Multi-purpose backpack for your furbaby

CONS: No bad reviews as of the date this post was written!

Colors: Grey with orange removable pouches                  Customer Rank: 5/5


NOTE: The above-mentioned products Cons were based on the customer’s comments and ranks. Thank you.

I am so glad that you stopped by to read my post-Review-The Best Dog Life Jackets. I am most confident that you are well informed and can make a wise decision when purchasing a Life Jacket for your furbaby.

If you like to go to the lake, beach, swimming pool, etc., I know that you can see the importance of having a life jacket for your pup so that you both can have fun in the sun without the worry of your little four-legged companion tiring and drowning!

FYI: PLEASE make sure you pay close attention to the measuring directions and return policy before ordering your furbaby’s life jacket.

If you would like to see more options on life jackets for your pet this is another really great option for you Go <<HERE>>

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