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Hi all of my cat lovers. Today I am going to be giving you information on the best reviews for cat harnesses. It has come to my attention that more and more cat owners are getting harnesses for their feline fur babies. So they can take them out for walks while keeping them safe from traffic and other cats and dogs.

A cat harness is especially beneficial if you have one that has been declawed. This is cats first line of defense, so if you get a harness for you feline friend you can feel more confident about taking him/her outdoors for a walk without worrying about him/her getting hurt.

If you are anything like me trying to find a harness that lives up to its name can be very frustrating. To be completely honest with you I have never bought a harness for a cat. But I did my homework and came up with my top 6 top picks. I hope you enjoy the one’s that I have found for you.

FYI: A lot of these small harnesses can also be used for small dogs as well. So if you have a small pooch this may work for him/her too.

My Number 1 Pick

Coming in at number one for the best reviews for cat harnesses is the Small Cat Harness Escape Proof Cat and Adjustable Vest Harnesses By: Eagloo. With this soft harness you don’t have to worry about it choking your fur baby. The neck area is a very fragile and sensitive area for you baby. It is also designed to keep your pet from escaping.

This cat harness was made with your feline friend in mind and can be used for everyday walks, hiking and training. So, let’s get right down to the product information, shall we?

Price: $11.99-$13.99 This Is Pretty Pink Harness From The Best Reviews For Cat Harnesses

Average Customer Rank: 5/5


  • Made with back clips to prevent choking your fur baby
  • Made with 4 buckles to get perfect fit, 2 on the & 2 on the back
  • Soft mesh material to prevent chaffing of the skin
  • Easy to put on and take off with 2 quick release buckles
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Sizes: XS-S
  • Comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarntee

Available Colors: Black & Pink

Where to Buy:

Number 2

My number 2 pick is the Pet Club No Pull Cat Harness. This cute little harness also comes with a matching leash so that your fur baby can step out in style. I really do like the products that have matching accessories. It looks better and who doesn’t like for their things to match?

This product was also made with your fur baby in mind. This harness is made with soft flexible material to allow your cat the comfort to move around easily, but the material is also hug gable for the area that needs the most stability. The harness is adjustable just in case your feline gains a little weight allowing you to always get the correct fit.

This cute little ensemble can be used every day for walks, running, training or whatever occasion you may be invited too. It has an anti-escape plastic closure in the neck and chest area and the neck and chest area are adjustable.

Price: $14.99 This Cute Little Harness Is Second Best Reviews For Cat Harnesses

Average Customer Rank: 4/5


  • It has an open design for ease of putting on and taking off
  • Handle to control your kitty
  • Matching leash
  • Double padded step in harness
  • Sizes: S-XL

Available Colors: Blue, Grey, Red and Mixed Pink

Where to Buy:

Number 3

My number 3 pick for best reviews for cat harnesses is the Voyager by: Best Pet Supplies. This stylish little harness is made to give your pet the perfect fit. Just like us humans, our fur babies come in different shapes and sizes, from top-heavy to slender and other body types in between.

This harness was made for the different body types buy its unique design. The Voyager is fitted with adjustment points to give your kitty that “just made for me” look, so your fur baby can get the most comfortable fit. With this harness you want have to worry about it choking your pet when you are out for a walk even if your kitty gets scared. It to is designed to not choke your pet even if he/she pulls.

Purrrfect for everyday uses like walking, running or any special occasion you may need to attend.

Price: $13.99

Average Customer Rank: 4/5


  • Easy step in for putting on and taking off
  • Padded for your fur babies comfort
  • Safety design reducing escapes
  • Highly reflective 3M piping for night walks
  • Sizes: X Sm-L

Available Colors: 13 different beautiful colors

Where to Buy:

Number 4

Coming in at number 4 is the Alsook Cat Harness Escape Proof by: ALSOOK. This product has a design that reduces chafing while maintaining double security and comfort which is made from soft mesh material.

The design of this adorable harness also has choke free capabilities by evenly distributing pressure around your fur babies chest thus allowing for you and your kitty to enjoy going for walks in style.

Price: $8.99 This Is A Favorite For Best Reviews For Cat Harnesses

Average Customer Rank: 4/5


  • Easy step in design for putting and taking off
  • Double security has 3 features: Velcro, clip & double D-ring
  • Mesh fabric for all types of weather
  • No hard edges or buckles
  • No choke design
  • Sizes: XS-L

Available Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow

Where to Buy:

Number 5

Here we are at number 5. The EXPAWLORER Escape Proof Cat Harness by: EXPAWLORER. Now this sleek looking feline harness is for outdoor walking, hiking and any other outdoor recreation that you want to do. It is made with soft breathable cotton to keep kitty comfy while maintain safety.

This feline harness comes with a matching leash, so that you both will be stepping out in style. The leash is 5ft in length and is 1″ wide.

Price: $10.99 This Is One Of The Cute Harnesses Of Best Reviews For Cat Harnesses

Average Customer Rank: 4/5


  • Design to distribute pressure evenly across neck, chest & shoulders
  • Adjustable straps for custom fit
  • Sturdy nylon webbing for safety
  • Made with soft breathable material
  • Comes with matching leash
  • Sizes: S-M

Available Colors: Black, Pink

Where to Buy:

Number 6

Last but not least my number 6 pick for best reviews for cat harnesses is….KOOLTAIL Escape Proof Cat Harness. This adorable fur baby harness is made with suede on the outside and a padded breathable material on the inside to keep your cat warm and comfy.

This kitty harness can be used for everyday walks in the park and any other outdoor activities that you would like to do. It’s easy to put on and take off and comes with a matching leash.

Price: $13.99 This Is A Neat Harness From The Best Reviews For Cat Harnesses

Average Customer Rank: 4/5


  • Velcros at neck & chest for ease of putting on & taking off
  • Adjustable chest strap to keep pet safe from escaping
  • 2 Heavy duty D-rings for leash attachment
  • Matcing leash
  • Sizes: S-L

Available Colors: Black

Where to Buy:

FYI: For your convenience I have put a measuring chart here. Please measure your fur baby before you order. It’s best to use a soft measuring tape for accurate results. But check the manufacturers chart as well.


Ok my cat lover’s, there you have it my top 6 picks of for best reviews for cat harnesses. I truly hope that you enjoyed this blog and you have a better understanding of how harnesses work to keep your feline safe. I just barely scratched the surface of all the different types of harnesses there are.

I welcome any comments or questions you may have. Please leave your comments and questions below. I will respond to them within 24 hours. You may also contact me by email at:

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Thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to read my blog. 🙂

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