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5 Steps to Introducing Your New Pup to Your Older Dog

5 Steps To Introducing Your New Pup To Your Older Dog

Have you been thinking about getting a new puppy for your family? Not sure how you’re older dog will respond?

Maybe your pooch usually loves playing with other dogs, but having a new one around all the time, well that could be a new story.

Afraid he may be jealous of the new pup getting attention instead of him?

Let’s go over the 5 steps to introducing your new pup to your older dog.

1. Slow and Easy

2nd Step Of The 5 Steps To Introducing Your New Pup To Your Older Dog

Have Both On A Leash For 1st Meeting

This is going to be the most important step that you can take to ensure that there are no problems between your new pup and your older dog.

Make sure your new puppy likes other dogs as well. In my past experience it is best for you to meet the new puppy you are interested in first and if you really like each other, then set up another meeting and take your older with you.

The reason you want to introduce them slow and easy, is quite simple, they just may not like each other and that could be bad! You don’t want anyone to get hurt.

It’s always a good idea to have them both on a leash while you are doing the introduction. This way you and whomever is helping you can have better control should things start to get out of hand.

2. Remove Favorite Toys and Food

The Second Step Of The 5 Steps To Indroducing Your New Pup To Your Older Dog

Remove Toys And Food It would also be a good idea to remove the older dog’s toys and food to avoid any aggressive territorial behavior.

You would need to do this before you bring the other fur baby home.

Most dogs do not like to share their food, toys or play time with their pet parents.

When feeding them, it’s best to separate them for the first 3-4 weeks to make sure they are going to get along.

You will also want to teach both of your dogs not to be controlling with one another and to wait their turns for attention from you.

3. The Meeting

#3 On 5 Tips To Introducing Your New Pup To Your Older Dog

Meet/Greet by Sniffing

If the meeting goes well, simply let them sniff each other for a few minutes then separate them. The second meeting let them play with each other, but do not leave them alone!

If they play good together then offer them a treat for good behavior that way they will know what is expected of them when they are together.

4. Guess Who’s Still the Boss?

4th Step Of The 5 Steps To Indroducing Your New Pup To Your Older Dog

Guess Who’s The Boss? Yep The Older One

Now that everyone is getting along and comfortable with one another, it is perfectly normal if your older dog sets some boundaries with the young pup.

The older dog may growl at the puppy if the pup is wanting to play and the older dog does not. Don’t worry this is normal.

Just like humans when younger one’s keep pestering us older folks to play and we don’t want to, well we let the younger person know when to stop. In other words, we get the point across!

Our K9 friends are no different. There’s a time to play and a time to rest. This could be some play time for you and your new fur baby to play and bond whilst the ole timer rest;)

5. Don’t Leave Them Alone If You Are Not Home

Conclusion Of The 5 Steps To Introducing Your New Pup To Your Older Dog

“But I Didn’t Mean To Mom…Honest!”

This is another important step to take. When you are not going to be at home, you need to separate them. This way they will not fight and get inot mischief when you are not there.

This will also avoid your puppy from having unwanted accidents in the house;)



Conclusion To The 5 Steps To Introducing Your New Pup To Your Older Dog

“Hey Mom They Are Getting Along!”

In closing make sure that you give each one of your pets the time and attention that they need so as to avoid any jealousy.

If you had the older dog a number of years without another one present, then it is going to take some time for everyone to adjust. Including you!

So, make sure your time is alloted between both of your fur babies so that no one feels left out and everthing should work out just fine;)

If you follow my 5 Steps on How to Introduce Your New Pup to Your Older Dog, then you should not have any problems with them not getting along.

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